We're glad to hear that many of the kits made it under the Christmas tree! Now, the next phase: building them!

The OpenROV Wiki is really starting to fill out: http://wiki.openrov.com/index.php/Assembly#Step_by_step_instructions

That's the best place to start. The goal is for each section of the build to have:

1) Tools/Materials/Parts

2) Video/Photos/Explanation

3) Test (to make sure it works and you don't move on until it's functioning correctly)

4) Troubleshooting 

The endcap process is a good example of what we are striving for: http://wiki.openrov.com/index.php/Assembling_and_Gluing_the_end_caps

The most important thing to remember: the OpenROV is a work-in-progress. If you have a question, or a doubt, or an idea: SPEAK UP! The only way this project gets better is if it continues to be tweaked and improved by everyone who works on it. If you think you've got a better way of explaining something - let's discuss it!

Also, we're planning on hosting build days at our small office in Berkeley. We'll be streaming the build days from our new OpenROV Community page on G+ so anyone around the world can tune in and ask questions (all videos will be archived on Youtube). The first build day - the acrylic structure - will be January 5th at 12pm PST

UPDATE: The first build day will be January 19th at 12pm PST. 

If you want to join us in-person in Berkeley, send me an email, david@openrov.com.

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